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- Cools water as low as 38 -40 degrees
- Stays cold all day, all night

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  • Energy-efficient water chiller with patented insulated hoses cool water down to the optimal 38-40°F (based on ambient temperature below 80F)
  • 20 micron patented DOUBLE filtration & 24/7 water flow maintains clean water for months of repeat usage
  • LED display controls and temperature
  • Works off standard power outlet
  • Size: 29x29x32cm - compact and portable
  • Weight: 20kg
  • Indoor and Outdoor compatible
  • Power usage varies by location and environment but average daily cost of running the chiller for 12 hours is $1


  • VITAL+ Chiller Unit
  • Large primary water filter
  • Small secondary water filter
  • Water Pump
  • 2x patent-pending insulated hoses
  • How long does the water stay cold?
    The water will remain cold and constant if the chiller remains on.
  • Does the chiller always stay on and use electricity?
    No - we have designed the chiller to turn off once it has reached the desired temperature.
  • Can I set it to any temperature?Yes, we recommend starting at a temp around 10-15 degrees Celsius.
  • What is so special about the insulated hose?
    The insulated hoses ensures that your ice bath exposure to external heat is minimized. The entire set up is fully insultated - between the Ice Tub, hoses and Chiller unit
  • What makes the VITAL+ chiller different?
    The energy efficient Vital+ chiller has been engineered here in Australia. All the added extras such as wi-fi control and internal filters have been removed to simplify the construction. An LED screen has also been added to elevate the screen displayand control tempreture. The chiller also has an auto off switch when the desired temperature has been met
  • Does the 5 day delivery time include processing, dispatching and shipping?
    Yes, the delivery window covers processing, dispatch and delivery.
  • Does it require power?
    Yes, you will need access to a power point and works with any standard Australian/New Zealand power outlet
  • How much does it cost to run?
    If left on 24 hours a day, the chiller will cost $2 - $3 per day. Because the insulation is so good, we recommend that users turn off the chiller when not in use.
  • Can I turn off the chiller if I am not using it?
    Yes, the water stays cold even with the chiller off.
  • Will the chiller stay on when its at my desired temperature?
    No, once the chiller has reached the desired temperature, the chiller will turn off
  • Will the ice bath + chiller get damaged from sun exposure?
    No - the sun exposure will not have any impact on performance or functionality of the ice bath or chiller
  • How long should each session be?
    Research has shown that to enhance recovery you should aim to accumulate 11 min per week in the Ice Bath. You can either do this all at once (i.e. 11 min straight) or if you’re not used to Cold Water Immersion, you can break it up into shorter durations (e.g. 2 x 5 min with 2 min out of bath inbetween).
Never buy ice again
The VITAL+ chiller uses a powerful water chiller and patent-pending insulated hoses to cool your Ice Bath to the optimal 4-5°C, so you'll never need to buy ice again.
Behind the scenes
Engineered locally
Our engineering team has removed all unnecessary extras from the chiller system and vertically integrated our supply chain to ensure maximum performance and longevity. We've also added bespoke functionality like fully insulted hose connectors, a double filtration system and a 5-layer PVC tub to give you a commercial-grade Ice Bath experience at home for a fraction of the price.

Ice Bath benefits

VitalPlus Benefits
Rapid recovery

Ice baths have been proven to speed up muscle recovery and reduce soreness

VitalPlus Benefits
Elevated energy

Morning ice baths are proven to release elevated and sustained energy boosts over the course of the day

VitalPlus Benefits
Immune support

Cold therapy can lead to increased immune function, increasing your body's defences to common illness

VitalPlus Benefits
Increased metabolism

Regular ice baths can lead to increased metabolic activity, which enhances the body's ability to burn fat

VitalPlus Benefits
Mood booster

Ice baths release 250% more dopamine than a cup of coffee, leading to improved mood

VitalPlus Benefits
Stress relief

Studies show that cold therapy releases a flood of calming hormones that can lead to increased relaxation and reduced anxiety

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